Icomera’s award-winning ITxPT-recognised multi-modal technology is seamlessly deployable across trains, trams, coaches, buses, and ferries.

Capable of fully integrating multiple services into one easy-to-manage system, our connectivity platform supports the widest variety of value-adding applications; from industry-leading Passenger Wi-Fi and Onboard Entertainment to Remote Vehicle Monitoring and Digital Video Surveillance.

5G-Ready Mobile Network Aggregation

The Icomera platform delivers a fast, reliable and secure data connection to and from a moving vehicle, maximising the stability, uptime and data throughput of a connection by intelligently utilising all available communications networks; 3G, LTE, LTE-A, 5G, trackside and even satellite networks can all be utilised as part of a single solution, enabling us to deliver an unrivalled connectivity capacity for passengers and onboard systems.

TraXside™ Technology

Within the rail industry, Icomera TraXside™ is a key component in delivering the next generation of mobile Internet connectivity, helping erase any “not spots” in connectivity by providing continuous, high-capacity bandwidth to a train along the entirety of its route. Using the aggregated capacity of two simultaneous 3×3 MIMO radios, TraXside™ delivers a median real TCP/IP throughput of around 1 Gbit/s during train travel – unrivalled bandwidth for rail passengers and onboard systems.

Powerful Applications Hosting

Capable of fully integrating multiple services into one easy-to-manage system and supporting the widest variety of existing and future value-adding applications, our solutions provide you with the framework required for developing a truly interconnected eco-system of onboard services, all running as virtual applications on the Icomera router. This reduces the need for additional hardware to be installed on board the vehicle and makes it easier to deploy new functionality as and when required.

Read our Mobile Internet Connectivity and Applications Hosting Brochure

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