Protecting passengers and staff is a responsibility which needs to be managed with ever more care in the digital age.

It’s little wonder that safety and security continues to be the number one priority for transport authorities and operators. Icomera provides the foundation for different applications designed to safeguard vehicles and those travelling on them.

Secure Solutions Delivered as Standard

With unrivalled experience in delivering Internet connectivity solutions for public transport, Icomera systems are installed with a broad range of robust cyber-defences delivered as standard. We have been awarded ISO 27001 certification for information security management and Icomera onboard networks are designed with security front of mind, treating the privacy of client and passenger data with the utmost importance.

Digital Video Surveillance

Utilising Icomera’s technology, operators are able to leverage a vehicle’s onboard Internet connectivity as a backbone for high-resolution digital video surveillance systems and video management software, providing a powerful and fully realised security solution. Icomera’s advanced mobile Internet connectivity and applications routers also provide operators with enough storage space to record HD footage from numerous cameras, giving peace of mind that vital information will be stored. In addition to providing a feeling of safety for passengers, operators themselves benefit from connectivity-enhanced video surveillance, since they can save considerable time wasted on manual camera health monitoring and maintenance.

Cybersecurity Services

Increased digitalisation within the public transport sector brings risks which must be mitigated against and the growing sophistication of cyber-criminals means that a single line of defence is no longer sufficient. Working together with industry-leading partners, Icomera offers cyber-protection tools that are specifically designed for public transport systems. Going beyond simple wall-based protection, these tools can provide active monitoring and real-time response to threats, within a software-based solution that seamlessly integrates with Icomera’s onboard hardware.

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