Stagecoach Invests £80 Million in Wi-Fi Buses

Stagecoach is investing over £80 million in 470 new buses for use across the UK and mainland Europe. The majority of these will be equipped with Icomera’s cutting-edge Wi-Fi technology, allowing passengers to stay connected as they travel.

Stagecoach Chief Executive, Martin Griffiths said: “This new investment is all about delivering better bus and coach journeys for our passengers. We have the lowest bus fares in Britain and a strong track record of investment over many years that has attracted growing numbers of people back on board the bus. We believe strongly in reinvesting our profits to continue that growth and our sector-leading levels of customer satisfaction. Buses are central to our communities, giving people a greener way to access work, health, education and leisure.

Icomera has been working with Stagecoach since 2007, with Icomera Wi-Fi becoming part of the standard specification for new-build buses from April 2013.