Wi-Fi connectivity for Rotterdam’s network of metro vehicles and trams.

The Challenge

  • Deliver the best possible travelling experience for passengers
  • Provide the infrastructure for a single communication platform for all systems across the fleet

The Solution

  • High-speed connectivity for passengers
  • Easy to integrate with future technology

The Results

  • The service has been positively received by RET passengers
  • The popularity of the onboard Wi-Fi has exceeded RET’s expectations

What the Customer Says:

“As part of RET’s ongoing strategy to deliver the best possible travelling experience for our passengers we are working towards having a single communication platform for all systems across our fleet. This approach really plays to the strengths of Icomera’s X-Series platform and we are eager to integrate with this technology, enhancing our operational efficiency so that we may continue to offer a service that our passengers can be proud of.”

Onno Donkervoort, ICT Manager, RET

What We Say:

“RET are an exciting customer for us to work with. They have a great understanding of technology trends in the public transport industry and appreciate how these developments can be utilised to deliver an outstanding passenger experience that keeps pace with ever-increasing passenger expectations. They have ambitious plans and we are looking forward to supporting their strategy to deliver a real-time smart transportation system and creating truly end-to-end passenger journeys.”

Dave Palmer, Senior VP of Sales and Business Development, Icomera