Taking on Community in National CleanUp Day®

What if everyone picked up just one piece of litter?

National CleanUp Day® returned for its seventh year on Saturday, September 16. Volunteers throughout the United States participated in the removal of tons of trash via thousands of organized cleanups across the country.

Icomera US, based out of Rockville, MD, partnered with the Montgomery County Parks Department for a shared objective: to address the issue of waste pollution in our surroundings and make a difference. This team was just one of the dedicated teams participating in National CleanUp days taking place in 164 countries around the world under the banner of World CleanUp Day.  

This volunteer project is part of Icomera’s global ‘Making a Difference’ initiative – where teams in all countries come together to support projects targeting societal and environmental improvements in their local communities on an annual basis. 

Even the smallest efforts can make the biggest impact. For us, it’s not just about working in a community, but being part of a community. We’re proud to help support National CleanUp Day throughout September as National Cleanup Month.” – Luz Hargrove, People & Culture Manager at Icomera

The Icomera team collecting litter in Aspen Hill Park


Since the inaugural cleanups in 2017, over a million participants have helped clean up parks, beaches, rivers, and forests across the country, removing substantial amounts of litter in the process.

The team at Icomera US supported a park in great need. The volunteers cleaned up twelve bags of trash and recycling and a broken goalpost covering the recessionals side of the park and wooded stream valley. Their efforts estimated to be about 350 pounds of trash and litter removed from Aspen Hill Park and Rock Creek watershed.” – Valeria Espinoza, Watershed Cleanups Volunteer Coordinator, Montgomery County Parks

“We empower our employees to embrace their roles as responsible community members, fostering a sense of stewardship for the areas they call home and work. By actively participating in the care of these spaces, we’re working together toward a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future. This initiative grants our employees the opportunity to dedicate their time as volunteers, aiding and strengthening our local community.” – Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal, President of Icomera US

National CleanUp Day welcomes the entire Icomera team for cleanups around the world. In conjunction with World CleanUp Day, millions of folks are taking care of their communities and the environment.  Icomera is a leader in connectivity… both at the office and in their communities. We appreciate the support and efforts of our business partners around the world.  We are united by kindness and caring, with trust and common beliefs, creating enormous positive power.– Steve Jewett, National CleanUp Day Founder and President

Every action counts when you work together. For more information, visit nationalcleanupday.org.


The Icomera US Inc team pose for a photo before the CleanUp