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The Connected Journey

What is The Connected Journey?

A digital revolution in mobility is changing the way we travel forever – We call it The Connected Journey.

Icomera is helping power The Connected Journey with our high-performance wireless Internet connectivity and a range of services that run seamlessly through this connectivity. For over two decades, we’ve been delivering reliable, high-speed solutions across the globe.

What are the benefits of The Connected Journey?

The Connected Journey has many benefits for transport operators, passengers and the wider public.

It means that passengers can have a much better travel experience. People spend a lot of time travelling on public transport. Instead of a journey being lost time, we can help passengers make the most of it by connecting them to work or social networks to be more productive.

For transport operators, it means they can greatly improve the passenger experience. They can also be in constant communication with their vehicles remotely and monitor, adjust and improve their performance, location and efficiency.

  • Improve the passenger experience
  • Increase fleet efficiency
  • Reduce operational expenditure
  • Increase vehicle service life
  • Open new revenue streams