The Reviews Are In: The Wi-Fi is Faster

“This one’s big. In back-to-back real-life tests, I found the Wi-Fi to be much faster on the new Venture cars to browse email, surf the web and do basic tasks.” Chris Dong, reporter for ‘The Points Guy’, an American travel website that provides hands-on travel advice, journeyed through the Chicago suburbs to test ride the future of rail travel.

According to his latest review, “these new [Siemens Venture] trains are a glimpse into the future of Amtrak for train travelers across the country, marking a transformational moment for rail service in the U.S.”

Amtrak is the largest inter-city passenger rail operator in North America, connecting more than 500 destinations across 46 states, the District of Columbia and three Canadian provinces, across more than 21,400 miles. Illinois features four intercity passenger rail corridors with 32 Amtrak stations across the state.

During the journey, ‘The Points Guy’ noted the quality of the mobile Internet connection onboard.

When it comes to the Wi-Fi, connectivity and monitors, an Amtrak spokesperson confirmed that Wi-Fi has been improved with additional antennas and more powerful routers on each coach car. Access ‘The Points Guy’ article here – ‘Faster Wi-Fi but slimmer seats: Here’s a first look on board Amtrak’s newest trains