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Our Scale

Our Scale

Our solutions run on an Open System. We build our hardware with Open Architecture principles and we write our software to Open Platform standards. This allows our solutions to be flexible and upgradeable which increases the lifespan of our solutions.

Our Modular Platform enables us to work with you, not just to service your immediate needs but also to lay the foundations to support your future requirements, a future that we are fully committed to. Our current 18 month development roadmap feeds into our three year plan, our five year technical strategy and our 15 year vision.


What does this mean to the buyer?

Thriving Eco-system
Straightforward Integration

Our hardware is engineered with Open Architecture principles. This makes it easy to add, remove or upgrade key components, which keeps our hardware, and its technology up to date. This is also what makes it easy to integrate the hardware with your existing systems.

Our software is Open Platform. This means it is a flexible system that can be tailored in the same way as our hardware. You can upgrade, add or remove services as required. You don’t pay for what you don’t want and we are upfront about the pricing of additional services.

We are fully committed to the Open Platform. We have 12 active developers and partners creating exclusive services and features for our system and continually updating them. Our ecosystem is thriving and continues to deliver cutting edge solutions.

As both our platform software and services are being continually updated you are always benefitting from the latest technology, which helps to increase the service life of your solution.