Trials of CAF Trainsets Underway in Saudi Arabia Between NA’Ariyah and Riyadh

Moving towards an expected launch date in early 2016, the first of six trainsets supplied by CAF is undergoing trials on Saudi Railway Company’s North-South line.

The passenger fleet, complete with onboard passenger Wi-Fi, includes business and economy class coaches, sleeping, dining and restaurant cars, luggage vans and car-carrying vans, which can be assembled in various combinations to produce nine-car day or 13-car night trains.

The service intends to attract commercial and industrial development in the cities linked by the North-South Railway, with the versatile trainsets designed for 200km/h hour operation in temperatures of up to 55°C.

Adding to their existing trainsets supplied to Saudi Railways Organization, this new fleet takes the total value of CAF’s rolling stock orders in Saudi Arabia to more than €400m.

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Article by
Paul Barnes

Paul Barnes

25th September 2015