Volvo's First Electric Buses Hit Gothenburg

In mid-June, the first of Volvo’s electric bus series will join the transport network of Gothenburg. They are a result of ElectriCity, a cooperative venture between the research fraternity, industry and city planners, founded with the aim of developing, demonstrating and evaluating next-generation sustainable public transport.

The vehicles are equipped with battery packs that can be quick-charged with renewable electricity at their end terminals, with energy consumption of the electric buses around 80 per cent lower than that of corresponding diesel buses. The buses are designed to be practical, modern and welcoming: the interior is bright and airy, features onboard Wi-Fi and there are electrical power sockets for passengers to recharge their mobile phones.

“This marks a major milestone in our development of new solutions for electrified buses. Quiet and entirely exhaust-free operation will contribute both to a better urban environment and reduced climate impact, while passengers get a more pleasant ride,” says Håkan Agnevall, President of Volvo Buses.

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