What Does World Car Free Day Mean in 2020?

Tomorrow is Car Free Day, a day when motorists are encouraged to give up their vehicles for the day in favour of walking, cycling, public transit and other forms of sustainable transportation. Events around the world will give motorists and commuters an idea of how their local environment could look with fewer cars on the roads.

Prior to COVID-19, public transport offered the fastest route to less congested roads. Having installed services on tens of thousands of buses, coaches, trams and trains globally, Icomera is a market-leader in delivering fast and reliable wireless Internet connectivity solutions for public transport. On World Car Free Day, Icomera gives passengers the opportunity to be productive whilst commuting, with the possibility to send emails, take part in conference calls and research information for business tasks.

Post Covid-19, the public transport industry has to restore passenger confidence. We’re seeing a new focus for passenger information channels – such as Wi-Fi portals – communicating the onboard safety measures in place, or providing real-time updates on service timetables and passenger loads.

Additionally, with employers being encouraged to stagger office hours in order to support social distancing in the workplace, and reduce the pressure on public transport during traditional peak hours, onboard Wi-Fi will continue to allow passengers to be productive as new ways of working take shape.