Wi-Fi Comes to Eastbourne Buses

Stagecoach in Eastbourne has recently upgraded the buses on its popular 1/1a route through the addition of free passenger Wi-Fi, and has replaced a fleet of single deck vehicles with double-decker buses.

This change has been implemented following a review of the popularity of the service, and timetable adjustments have been made to meet demand at peak times. The routes have also been slightly modified, by separating the buses that extend to Hailsham and Roebuck Park into a new route.

Passengers travelling through the town centre from Hamlands and Old Town to Langney and Shinewater will now be able to enjoy riding in comfort on one of 12 modern, easy-access buses.

Philip Norwell, managing director of Stagecoach South East said: “This upgrade to the fleet reflects our ongoing commitment to providing quality bus travel in Eastbourne.”