Icomera is the world’s leading provider of integrated connectivity solutions for trains, trams, buses and coaches, serving millions of passengers and tens of thousands of vehicles on a daily basis.

Our Solutions

Mobile Internet Connectivity and Applications Hosting

Capable of fully integrating multiple services into one easy-to-manage system, our connectivity platform supports the widest variety of value-adding applications; from industry-leading Passenger Wi-Fi and Onboard Entertainment to Remote Vehicle Monitoring and Digital Video Surveillance.

Increase Passenger Satisfaction

Providing services such as Passenger Wi-Fi, Onboard Entertainment, and Real-Time Information can improve the experience of those travelling, increasing satisfaction levels and encouraging passengers to use public transport more often.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Providing a mobile Internet connection allows operators to monitor and, when necessary, resolve issues fleet-wide; systems can be rebooted remotely, without the need for vehicles to return to the depot.

Protect People and Assets

It’s little wonder that safety and security continues to be the number one priority for transport authorities and operators. Icomera provides the foundation for different applications designed to safeguard vehicles and those travelling on them.

Professional Services, Software, and Support

Our industry-leading suite of software tools enables you to monitor, manage, and report on onboard systems, while our Network Operations Centre (NOC) and our team of qualified field engineers are ready to react quickly if any issues occur, delivering a long-term and reliable solution.

Our Clients

We work with many operators across rail, road & sea around the globe. Here is a small selection of them: