Axis Highlights New Real-Time Video Surveillance Solution for Public Transport

The latest article from network video leader Axis Communications features Icomera’s innovative real-time security solution for transport operators.

Icomera has combined its X-Series Internet connectivity platform and powerful Video Management System (VMS) tools with Axis’ versatile onboard cameras for public transport, which makes real-time, multi-camera, interior and exterior footage readily available to security personnel, even while vehicles are in motion.

Paul Barnes, Chief Marketing Officer at Icomera, states: “We needed to offer our customers a reliable, proactive, real-time security solution for passenger safety and security. Axis’ reputation for quality and durability, as well as the results from testing, made it our front-runner. Our two technologies in tandem enable virtual patrols of vehicles, proactive monitoring during busy periods or known events, and quick reactions to security alerts. Live multi-camera monitoring ties multiple views together to create a single story of any incident, while the ICONIC VMS makes recording, rewinding, and selecting historical footage simple.”

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