Designing Digital Passenger Experiences: Putting the User First

Bacigalupo puts the User First for Transport Experiences that Blend Physical and Digital Journeys 

When it comes to product development, innovation drives the agenda. But what does it really mean to be innovative?  

At its core, innovation is all about coming up with new ways to solve problems. But what makes the difference in the digital passenger experience are UX insights, testing, and iteration. The best companies habituate these steps into product development.

As a technology company, we are always asked the question, “What makes your product different? What sets you apart?”  And we answer, “our user experience”.  

At Icomera, this design thinking is impassioned by many professionals, working each day to deliver quality products and solutions, including Lynn Bacigalupo. And because of her inspiration, passion, and patience, Lynn Bacigalupo was selected as a finalist for the 2022 Women in Tech Excellence, Innovator of the Year – Subject Matter Expert 

Lynn has worked with many Fortune 500 companies to launch innovative products over her career, so I sat down with Lynn to ask her what makes a good user experience.  

UX is the heart of any business. It’s what makes you want to come back again and share your experience with others, or maybe even tell someone else about how great they are so that person can also enjoy themselves.  

UX professionals are trained to think about how people interact with products and how those interactions can be improved. They’re also great advocates in working with teams to solve complex problems. That’s why putting UX at the heart of innovation is so important. When you have UX involved in the product development process, you’re tapping into a wealth of creativity and knowledge that can help drive your product forward. 

Good design starts with understanding the end user needs, both functional and emotional, then utilizing design-thinking methods and involving the customer throughout the entire product development process. 

Several cycles of testing and learning are necessary before products are finalized and launched. Throughout the design process, simplicity and efficiency remain central guideposts. 

If you want your product development efforts to be truly successful, put UX at the heart of everything you do. By involving UX designers in the process, you’ll benefit from their creativity, knowledge, and problem-solving skills.”  

As a 2022 Women in Tech Excellence finalist, I asked Lynn to reflect on her work efforts and achievements this past year to distinguish her as the Innovator of the Year.   

I am most proud of my commitment to professional growth – to be better and show up in a way that brings results for myself and my team. I treat my life as a series of experiments. Some go well, others have unexpected outcomes. Regardless, I keep learning and growing as self-investment continues to pay dividends on my career.”   

The shortage of women working in technology is well documented. I asked Lynn how women in tech can inspire the next round of leaders.    

Identify a tech product or service you love and become curious about how it works. Technology is less intimidating when you break it down to the bare functions.

Keep your values close and let them guide your decisions everyday – no matter what it may be; whether speaking with leadership or presenting before customers – these principles will never waver.

UX professionals work hard every day in order achieve this goal by creating an enjoyable environment for customers through thoughtful design strategies.” 

Congratulations to all the Finalists for the 2022 Innovator of the Year – Subject Matter Expert.  

  • Alice Hendy, Ripple Suicide Prevention 
  • Claire Hutchinson, Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust 
  • Colleen Tartow, Starburst 
  • Cristina Bentue, IriusRisk 
  • Delphine Tsiranana, MarCloud Limited
  • Estefania Casal, Cervest 
  • Jasmin Fitzpatrick, GEOLYTIX 
  • Kiran Roest , PocDoc 
  • Kristin Naragon, Akeneo 
  • Lynn Bacigalupo, Icomera 
  • Namrata Sandhu, Vaayu
  • Rebecca Mabbett, R Reflections Ltd
  • Robyn Todd, Encompass Corporation 
  • Zeena Qureshi, Product Director, Spotify, previous CEO and Co-Founder of Sonantic