Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal Appointed President of Icomera US

Icomera, the world’s leading provider of wireless connectivity for transportation, is pleased to announce Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal as President of Icomera US Inc., responsible for the operational management of the North American business, serving national, regional, and intercity rail, transit, and road markets.

Gabriel will lead the team of fifty engineers and analysts located across the region, working collaboratively with clients to identify gaps in the passenger experience, revisiting the value proposition, and offering an unparalleled understanding of how wireless communications and related applications can be leveraged by transport operators to positively affect the industry.

Prior to this appointment, Gabriel served two years as Icomera’s Regional Vice President of Sales & Marketing and four years as Sales Director of Road and Transit Markets. He previously collectively spent a decade as a consultant with TranSystems, the US Department of Transportation’s John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, and the Corradino Group. He holds degrees in civil engineering and urban and environmental policy and planning.

Gabriel is an active member of the Commuter Rail Coalition and will now also sit on the Icomera Global Management Team, tasked with influencing corporate strategy and providing market insight regarding the next generation of products and solutions.

In 2021, Gabriel was selected as a Mass Transit Magazine 40 Under 40 honoree.

Magnus Friberg, CEO: “Gabriel has a proven success record in the transportation technology sector. Over the last seven years at Icomera, he has channeled his innate enthusiasm into making a positive difference in the industry for transit operators and the traveling public. He understands the balance between the passenger experience and operational needs of a transportation operator, ensuring that the collective partnership derives the maximum value”.

Commenting on his appointment as President, Gabriel said that he is “excited to lead the world-class team at Icomera in the US and Canada as we support our clients’ digital transformations. We have a great responsibility to actively manage our clients’ technologies to drive customer satisfaction and increase transit ridership and retention. As we migrate towards a new, digital future, we will help modernize the transport technology segment to drive strategic changes that lead to new opportunities and operational efficiencies.