Icomera Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Let’s rewind to the year 1999: The term “Wi-Fi” had just been coined but few understood what it meant. Businesses around the world were preparing for the Millennium Bug. It would be eight years before the introduction of the iPhone triggered the widespread adoption of smartphones. The first 3G roll-out wouldn’t arrive until 2002, 4G networks were ten years away, and the first commercial 5G networks have, of course, only launched in recent months.

In 1999, the notion that people would be able to enjoy Internet on-the-go was virtually non-existent. But in Gothenburg, Sweden, four graduates of the Chalmers Institute of Technology were working on something special. They had pioneered a “multicellular aggregating technology”, creating the fastest, most reliable Internet connection possible for a moving vehicle. Patenting their invention, the friends founded Icomera; their technology would go on to revolutionise connectivity on the move.

Icomera deployed the rail-industry’s first commercial onboard Passenger Wi-Fi service with Swedish rail operator SJ in 2003. Since then, onboard connectivity has evolved from a luxury consideration to an essential service. Today Icomera is the world’s leading provider of mobile Internet solutions for public transport, connecting millions of Wi-Fi users and tens of thousands of trainsets, trams, buses and coaches around the globe every day.

Since its acquisition by ENGIE Ineo in 2017, the company has expanded even further, and now has over 270 staff working from its offices based in Sweden, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy.

To honour the company’s 20th anniversary, Icomera employees have gathered in Gothenburg to celebrate. Commenting on the occasion, Icomera Founder and VP Innovation, Mats Karlsson, said: “Over the past 20 years, Icomera has grown substantially but we have retained our innovative, pioneering spirit throughout, and will continue to lead the way”.

Icomera President & CEO, Karl-Johan Holm, added: “Icomera is making public transport a better, more attractive option for passengers – we believe we have a key role to play in shifting society’s travel habits towards sustainable, green mobility. Today we are not only celebrating Icomera’s past successes but also preparing for the work ahead as we contribute to the global roadmap for net zero-carbon emissions”.

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About Icomera

Icomera is the world’s leading provider of wireless Internet connectivity for public transport, committed to promoting green mobility. Serving millions of Wi-Fi users worldwide, our award-winning technology makes public transport a better, safer, more attractive option for passengers, supporting our mission to help contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions of 3.5 million metric tons by 2022. A wholly-owned subsidiary of ENGIE Ineo, Icomera is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy. www.icomera.com


About ENGIE Ineo

As a creator of solutions for connected urban areas and neighbourhoods (electrical solutions, communications and information systems), ENGIE Ineo has more than 15,000 employees working to meet the needs of a changing world. In 2018, it reported revenues of €2.4 billion.

With a network of 300 facilities in France and abroad, ENGIE Ineo’s teams innovate to support their customers in the energy and digital transition. They support them in transport, telecommunications and energy infrastructures projects, service sector and industrial projects, as well as security and defence projects. From design through to production, maintenance and operation, ENGIE Ineo’s experts imagine and anticipate tomorrow’s needs by developing solutions combining technical and cost-effective performance. ENGIE Ineo is part of the ENGIE Group, one of the leading energy companies worldwide.