Icomera has shared its insights into the future role and benefits of Internet-enabled rail systems as part of a new UK industry programme.



‘Rail Matters’ explores the challenges facing the UK rail industry and the exciting opportunities for sustainable growth. The drive for enhancements is vital as electrification remains a long-term focus with the UK railways aiming to be entirely diesel free by 2040. In the short-term, a priority for the industry is to reduce digital signalling costs by 2025, and to attract passengers with a more punctual train service coupled with a better onboard experience, where good quality Passenger Wi-Fi has been identified as a key service.

“If you have a good quality Wi-Fi service on board, people will take the train more often instead of taking the car or the airplane between the two places”, says Mats Karlsson, Founder and SVP Innovation at Icomera.

And increasingly it’s not only passengers who are looking to make use of the train’s mobile Internet connectivity. Peter Kingsland, Icomera’s UK & Eire Sales Director explains: “Trains are increasingly connected and increasingly intelligent. So there are many devices on-board sending data back to operational control centres, operational HQs, monitoring the health of the train, the performance of the train, the capacity, occupancy of the seats etc.”

The message of ‘Rail Matters’ is clear – forward planning will turn opportunity into growth and contribute to the continued economic success of the industry.

Introduced by national newsreader Natasha Kaplinski, ‘Rail Matters’ features key industry interviews and news-style reports along with sponsored editorial profiles. The programme was produced by the UK Rail Industry Association (RIA) in partnership with ITN Productions, ITN’s bespoke production hub and is now available to view in full on the Rail Industry Association’s website.

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