Introducing ICONIC: Icomera’s Network Insights and Control Software Tools

Vehicles and onboard systems are becoming increasingly connected. Vast quantities of data need to be sent reliably and securely in real-time to and from the moving vehicle, and public transport operators (PTOs) need to be able to handle all the data appropriately, quickly resolving any issues that may develop. Operators can therefore no longer afford to live in a world of simple monitoring tools and reactive workflows; rather, they require software solutions which empower them to proactively optimise their own systems, analyse multiple data streams simultaneously and mitigate against any potential issues at the earliest possible point.

As the leading provider of mobile Internet connectivity solutions for public transport, Icomera’s unrivalled experience in the field has taught us exactly which issues our clients are likely to encounter as they progress along their digital roadmap. Specifically designed for monitoring, managing and optimising your solution, Icomera’s Network Insights and Control (ICONIC) software is a set of indispensable cloud-based tools which have been developed from the ground up to address operators’ needs of today and ambitions of tomorrow. Putting future-proofed functionality at your fingertips, ICONIC takes advantage of technologies such as machine learning to deliver deep insights into network performance, enabling full fleet-wide control.


Monitor, Analyse & Report on Performance

Through its intuitive, easy-to-navigate and customisable web interface, ICONIC allows users to quickly view key metrics, or drill-down into the wealth of data on an account, fleet and system level in order to make granular statistical analyses. Operators can track vehicles in a fleet in real-time and inspect a wide range of data relating to the quality of connection, data consumption, system and hardware performance along a vehicle’s route.


Investigate & Resolve Issues

Using machine learning technology to automatically raise alerts, ICONIC enables issues to be detected, triaged and fixed quickly. This offers the dual advantages of increasing system uptime and improving the user experience, protecting an operator’s brand image and investment.


Remote Fleet Configuration & Management

All Icomera devices (Icomera routers, SynAPse access points, TraXside units etc.) which have been installed onboard a vehicle can be remotely configured using ICONIC. Users can organise their fleet into consists of vehicles, grouped together by either headcode or GPS. Devices set-up within ICONIC can also automatically detect and download new configuration settings and security patches over-the-air, as soon as updates become available.


Secure, Resilient & Scalable Data Storage

All data collected by ICONIC is stored using Icomera’s powerful cloud-based system. Our cloud system architecture offers a wide range of benefits, providing peace of mind for clients:

  • Security – All ICONIC data is backed-up and stored in more than one server location, providing clients with the peace of mind that their data is kept safe and secure
  • High-performance – Fully responsive, our cloud-based storage facilitates the fast and efficient transfer of data to and from ICONIC’s tools, allowing you to access the information you require as quickly as possible
  • Robustness – The system can manage and withstand high volumes of traffic at all times, delivering a solution which you can always rely on
  • Scalability – The system has been built to be both scalable and future-proof; as with ICONIC itself, the storage system is upgraded continuously as technology and industry demands develop


Holistic Hardware, Protocol & Management Tools

ICONIC has been designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate with Icomera’s onboard hardware and connectivity protocol, forming a powerful and fully realised platform. By working together in harmony, our hardware, software and technology combine to deliver cost efficiency, long-term reliability and provable results.

Read the ICONIC Brochure