Introducing the SynAPse AP01: Icomera’s Fully Integrated Rail-Grade Access Point

A Passenger Wi-Fi solution is only as good as its weakest point, and high-capacity access points are therefore essential to allow the full potential of an onboard router to be realised. Simply put, access points do two things: (1) They extend the external capacity provided by an onboard router (such as the 5G-enabled Icomera X5) to an end user, and (2) distribute the available bandwidth to all connected devices, without creating bottlenecks.

It’s important that access points are able to deliver high volumes of traffic between the onboard router(s) and end user(s) while keeping latency low, which is particularly difficult in a crowded public transportation environment.


Fast and Stable Connectivity 

The Icomera SynAPse AP01 provides great performance for all users, rather than peak performance for a single user. It contains three radios (two 5 GHz and one 2.4 GHz) which each utilise 4×4 Multi-User (MU) MIMO technology to meet and exceed the data-heavy requirements of passengers and operators.

Since the AP01 contains three radios, and since each radio is able to deliver very high capacity, fewer units are required to support the same number of connected users. In the vast majority of cases, one AP01 can support all passengers in a coach, even during times in which there is heavy data load.

The AP01 integrates seamlessly as part of an Icomera connectivity solution. It contains 12 built-in Wi-Fi antennas and power is supplied as Power over Ethernet (PoE) via a single cable, reducing component and installation costs.

Read the SynAPse AP01 Brochure