A New Bus for a New Community

Cambridge University, Cambridge City Council and Go Whippet recently announced the introduction of a new ‘Universal’ bus route for residents of Cambridge city and members of the University.

The bus, branded ‘The University bus for everyone’ will connect the North West Cambridge Development, Eddington, with the railway station and key places of work and study for University staff and students. Eddington has been built to alleviate the housing shortage in Cambridge, and the provision of a bus route and cycleway seeks to offset the anticipated increase in road traffic.

Go Whippet, owned by Tower Transit Group, will run 8 Volvo vehicles on the route. Passengers will have access to free Icomera Wi-Fi, allowing them to work and catch up with social media as they travel. Furthermore, the onboard router has the facility to cache university webpages, allowing passengers to easily access University news and emails via the Portal each time they log in.

Heather Topel, Acting Project Director for the West and North West Cambridge Developments said: “For a long-lasting and sustainable new development, creating connectivity to local destinations and to strategic employment and public transport hubs is important.”

22nd December 2016