Bringing the Best to Clients Through Purpose Driven Professional Services

When designing, installing and maintaining an onboard network of devices and systems, working with different vendors at different stages can spiral into a complex undertaking, with a series of disparate, overly complex processes needed to manage each step of the project. In contrast, partnering with a single point of contact can significantly simplify the process, allowing operators to seamlessly adapt and evolve as their requirements grow over time.

For over 20 years, Icomera has excelled in delivering a cohesive package of hardware, software and support services to public transport operators worldwide. We view our client relationships as part of the overall ‘Connected Journey’, providing a service support arm every step of the way, and continually adding value through the services that we deliver.


Delivering Solutions Tailored to Meet Your Needs

At the start of every project, Icomera’s Engineers will advise on a solution that is fit for purpose, now and throughout the years to come. Martin Shaw, Engineering Director at Icomera, explains: “We’re proud to be able to offer a range of turnkey services which can be quickly and easily deployed, alongside bespoke solutions specifically designed to meet more complex client requirements.”

Once a solution is defined, our Project Managers work to ensure that the roll-out is as fast and efficient as possible. Rickard Borgström, Head of Global Processes at Icomera, comments: “Icomera’s global Project Management Office supports our local project management teams by facilitating a knowledge-sharing culture in which best practices are utilised across all regions, helping deliver a consistent experience for clients and streamlining our own internal processes.”     


Industry-leading Remote Monitoring and Support Services

“Post-installation, we are able to offer a range of enhanced services which sustain and improve performance in the long term,”, explains Mat Strange, Head of Global Service Delivery Management at Icomera: “For example, our teams can manage SIM data consumption on behalf of clients, and can manage incoming Wi-Fi-related enquiries from a client’s passengers”.

Andrew Fox, who heads-up Icomera’s Global Network Operations Centre (NOC), adds: “We understand how vital it is for clients to have a solution that they can rely on day and night. Icomera’s Support Agents remotely monitor systems round the clock in order to help maintain unbroken service coverage, and are on hand to react quickly whenever issues occur.”

To find out more about Icomera’s unrivalled expertise in providing fully managed delivery and support services, read our new Services and Support brochure.