Sport Taxis and Shuttles and Shuttle Introduce Free in-Taxi Wi-Fi

Sea Point Original Radio Taxis (Sport Taxis and Shuttle) have recently launched free in-taxi Wi-Fi across several of its Airport Shuttle vehicles. The solution has been provided in partnership with Icomera’s local partner Emerge Africa Trading (Emergea) and makes use of the ICASA approved Icomera M-Series Moovbox devices – a solution technology that provides robust on-the-go connectivity to the Sport Shuttle vehicles. Installed in thousands of passenger transport and public safety vehicles worldwide, the Icomera M-Series Moovbox provides the best vehicle connectivity wherever it is needed.

“We are very excited about this project”, said Brent Solomon, Emergea’s Chief Operating Officer. “The next step is to introduce other services and various forms of gamification into the system. This will unlock great potential for engagement with our brand partners.”

Sport Taxis has offered its renowned taxi service to Cape Town’s locals, corporates and tourists since 1984. Sport Taxis’ fleet of signature red vehicles operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Promoting innovative, convenient, comfortable and eco-conscious shared transport, Sport Taxis continually strives for the highest levels of service. “With the integration of in-shuttle and in-taxi Wi-Fi we plan to enhance the user experience for the always-connected traveler” said Sven Watlington, Marketing Consultant for Sport Taxis.

This project fits perfectly with both Sport Taxis and Emergea’s goal of creating innovative and enhanced customer experiences for both clients and their customers. Based in Mauritius, Emergea offers market-leading solutions within the Customer Flow Management (CFM), Workforce Management (WFM) and Passenger Connectivity Management (PCM) verticals, designed to support great customer experiences within Africa.

Learn more about the work Emergea are doing in their region here.