Success Story for Manchester Metrolink

An impressive number of users have signed up to use the Icomera Wi-Fi on Manchester Metrolink since its installation last year.

Icomera completed installation on all 116 Metrolink trams in March 2015. Since then, more than 400,000 people have signed up to use the Wi-Fi, clocking an incredible 5 million sessions. One in every seven passenger journeys have been connected to the Wi-Fi, and the service is growing in popularity.

Greater Manchester’s long-term ambition to become a top 20 digital city worldwide stimulated the widespread rollout of Wi-Fi to public buildings, public transport and city centre streets across Manchester and Salford. In addition to Metrolink trams, Icomera Wi-Fi is also available on the Metroshuttle buses and the new Leigh to Manchester Guided Busway.

Councillor Andrew Fender, Chair of the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee, said: “We’re helping people make best use of their travelling time – whether it’s doing some work on their commute or messaging a friend. It’s also good for visitors to the region, who can plan their travel and find out what’s going on without racking up huge mobile bills.

“We now have over 34 million passenger journeys made on Metrolink a year, which means an awful lot of customers taking advantage of this great initiative. The free Wi-Fi initiative has proved excellent value for money, keeping existing passengers happy and, I’m sure, helping to attract new customers.”

Metrolink Director Peter Cushing added: “More than ever, train and tram carriages are being used as mobile offices, places to shop and living rooms on the move as people take advantage of increased connectivity. I’m pleased we’ve had such a great reaction from our customers to the free Wi-Fi initiative and I look forward to seeing more and more people register as Metrolink use increases.”