Career in Motion with an Icomera Internship

As technology advances, so do internship opportunities.  

With the current digital transformation and explosion in the popularity of efficient and turnkey solutions, many companies continue to offer internships with a focus on research, development, and innovation.  

Internships are beneficial for both students and employers. Students can gain valuable work experience, learn new skills, and make professional industry connections. Employers gain a fresh perspective from a different generation while working with the latest technology and applications. 

Icomera had the opportunity to welcome three interns for its 2022 North American Summer Internship Program: Stephen and Mason in Bethesda, Maryland and Grace in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. 

An internship with Icomera is different from a part-time contract or summer job. Our internship has specific learning objectives that:  

    1. Enables international collaboration in a remote work environment. 
    2. Provides exposure from design through to engineering support.  
    3. Exposes many facets of the business including supply chain, operations, and tech support. 
    4. Supports a new way of networking in a professional setting.  
    5. Lives the motto of “learning by doing”. 

We asked our interns how Icomera has contributed to their student and professional careers.  

Grace studying Engineering Science at the University of Toronto

This internship exposed me to a real-world office environment and aligned well with my career aspirations – programming and design. I can confidently say that a programming job is something I would enjoy in the future. Overall, the best part of the program was the people. I will never forget testing my project at the conclusion of the summer to witness the progress I had made in just three months.” – Grace, interning in Ontario 

Stephen, studying Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Maryland

I familiarized myself with python, its math-based libraries, and documenting practices. More importantly, I learned that talking and maintaining a clear line of communication is vital. I wanted to work with a physical product and use my comp-sci skills and I did just that. I cannot wait to get back to school and brag about launching, testing, and monitoring a product.” – Stephen, interning in Maryland 

Mason, studying Information Science with a minor in Cybersecurity at the University of Maryland

“This telecommunication internship aligned very closely with my career aspirations of IT (Information Technology) and cybersecurity. I took a day trip to New York City to perform a ride test and test the onboard network performance. This was my first train ride, a new and captivating experience. I will never forget the office birthday parties and rooftop bar-b-ques.” – Mason, interning in Maryland  

We are a company who asks interns to return. Many Icomera interns have spent not just one summer but returned for two or three summers before being offered a full-time position once they have completed their studies. We pride ourselves on treating interns as part of the Icomera family, a highly technical crew with big hearts.  

We are here to help motivate young people who want nothing but success from their future careers,” says Anna Sand as Chief Human Resources Officer at Icomera. “We create an internship program to be more immersive and engaging by providing opportunities for real-world application. Even the most junior member of our staff—including a summer intern—can provide feedback to improve our customers’ success.” 

The mission of our internship program is to provide a learning experience in an autonomous, objective and remote way,” said Ismail Dahel, Director of Engineering at Icomera US. “If the pandemic taught us anything about preparing our future workforce, it is to prepare them for remote collaboration and communication. Our interns worked across state and country lines, encouraging them to pick up the phone and speak to people they have never met.”  

We hope to continue the mission of the program and provide students with a hands-on experience in an objective way so that learning is more meaningful and lasting than any other academic exercises or simply reading books can offer.  

Article by
Ali Gardezi

Ali New

1st September 2022