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Czech Railways

Icomera X-Series platform running Simac's passenger infotainment application. A 21st century rail operator boosting passenger numbers with a premium service


The Challenge

  • Deliver stable Internet. First onboard Wi-Fi solution in Czech Republic.
  • Provide additional entertainment options with passenger infotainment.

Scale: 7 Pendolino trains with 7 coaches each

Delivery: 8 months


The Solution

  • Reliable Wi-Fi connection provided by Icomera X-Series platform.
  • Smart portal-based system for infotainment, passenger information and catering, hosted as an application running on the Icomera X-Series platform.

Services Delivered

Passenger Wi-Fi

Passenger Infotainment

Solution Partners


The Results

  • Slick and efficient installation allowing service to continue.
  • Top quality Internet connection provided.
  • High uptake and engagement with media content.

What the Customer Says:

“The infotainment portal and Wi-Fi service are providing our passengers with a quality experience.

“Passenger feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and the services offered by the infotainment system are attracting new passengers.

“Having invested in an open application and connectivity platform, we have created a framework to support our future requirements”.

Petr Vondráček,
Product Manager,
Czech Railways

What our Partners Say:

“Integrating with this Simac/Icomera solution could not have been more straightforward. Working together on this project, we feel we have strengthened an already highly valued professional relationship. Simac’s ability to design and deliver this complex solution again confirms that they are highly skilled professionals”.

Ivo Němeček,
Sys. Engineer Manager,
Cisco Systems Czech Republic