Defining our Work Interests from Day 1, Year 1 

Work defines us in so many ways. And years of experience sharpen that definition. At Icomera, we recognize the importance of sharing knowledge and skills with those earlier in their career.

Our CEO, Magnus Friberg, always says to “make time for the younger worker because that is the next generation.” The mission of our internship program is to provide a learning experience in an autonomous and objective way. What sets us apart from some of the other WayUp Top 100 Internship Programs is that here, at Icomera, we offer our interns the opportunity to contribute to a multinational company at the forefront of new technology – from design through to after-sales support.

We are honored to have had the opportunity to welcome three interns in our North America headquarters for the 2021 Summer season. From a first-timer to a three-year veteran, we asked our interns to share a little about their experience with us so far.

 “I heard about Icomera through a University email, and I was interested in building software applications that would help them. I was interested at first in how Icomera was able to provide connectivity across different methods of transportation. I have had a good experience with Icomera thus far and have learned a lot about networking and the different IoT technologies Icomera deals with. There are many experienced individuals so there is an abundance of information when it comes to learning. I hope to work full time as a software engineer and create applications that benefit people.” – Ayush Dixit, Senior at Virginia Tech, Computer Science major, three-year Icomera internship veteran

I heard of Icomera from LinkedIn.  I was interested because the position involves hardware and software.  When I saw the LinkedIn post, I thought this would be a perfect fit for me. I’m really enjoying my time at Icomera. The people are very nice and welcoming.  Everyone knows each other and greets each other every day.  I really like this kind of working environment. I am planning on graduating college first and working part time on a computer engineering graduate degree and becoming a computer engineer.” – Cindy Yang, Junior at the University of Maryland, Computer Engineering major

I learned about Icomera through a LinkedIn posting. What interested me the most about the internship program was the wealth of opportunities that would be available to me. The listing mentioned hands-on hardware tasks, the creation of software applications, and the use of many different technologies that I wanted to familiarize myself with. My experience at Icomera has been fantastic and I have been welcomed with open arms. It seems that everyone I’ve met at Icomera wants to see me succeed. Within my first few days here I was quickly introduced to many of the key technologies and concepts that power our solutions. While all the learning was initially overwhelming, I have adapted and adjusted to the fast-paced environment at Icomera. I continue to learn more about modern technologies every day and I couldn’t be happier! In the future, I would like to do something in the technology field, whether that be programming or working with modern technologies such as those I have dealt with at Icomera. I dream of one day becoming a leader at a technology company, as I have always had a natural inclination to direct others.” – Sheldon Padgett, Freshman at the University of Maryland, Computer Science major, first-time Icomera intern